Villas Cyprus

Europe / Cyprus

This island is ideal for a holiday in a Cyprus holiday villa. The standard is very good and the regions vary greatly. There are Cyprus holiday villas by the sea, within walking distance to the beach and restaurants, or in the small mountain villages, nestled in nature. From traditional over modern or luxurious the range of private holiday accommodation in Cyprus leaves no wish unfulfilled.

A flight of about 4 hours brings you to the eastern  Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Cyprus offers year-round pleasant climate and is ideal due to its protected location for a trip in the spring or fall. Whereas already cool and uncertain weather prevails in almost all Mediterranean regions in October and November, in Cyprus one can still find pleasant temperatures of 25-28 degrees with little rainfall, which makes Cyprus the popular Mediterranean destination in autumn, Easter and Pentecost. Even in the summer months, Cyprus is popular because of its varied landscape.

The island is full of contrasts, on the coast there are larger and smaller tourist spots, beautiful long beaches or small rocky coves. The inland has small, yet very traditional villages, where time seems to have stood still. They are embedded in the fascinating forest and hill area.

Not only sun-seekers and nature lovers come to their full expense in Cyprus. The island is known for its more than 1,800 flowering plants and wild orchids are the reason for many to spend a hiking holiday in Cyprus. The sea turtles come to lay their eggs to Cyprus, particularly the Akamas nature reserve is known for that. In addition, there are wild sheep, hundreds of species of birds that make a stopover on the island, and some reptiles.

Due to its long and versatile past there are countless archaeological treasures, many monasteries and small churches in Cyprus and is suitable for daily or occasional trips.
The island with its 340 sunny days a year is surely the ideal destination for a summer holiday. And even then, the island can offer everything. Depending on the location one can chose between beautiful long beaches, small coves, an extensive nightlife or a peaceful village holiday. In Cyprus one can find practically everything for a perfect holiday.