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Limassol is a port city on the southern coast of Cyprus. With about 235,000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city of the island. The city has developed rapidly after 1975 and has become a financial city with many offshore companies. Limassol is located between the ancient cities of Amathous and Kourion, and has been inhabited since the Stone Age. There are tombs dated back to the year 2000 BC.. Limassol has a major trading port and has become the most important trade center of Cyprus. In Limassol you will find an archaeological museum and ethnological museum displays Cypriot craftsmanship, costumes and household items. The Limassol Castle houses the Medieval Museum.

In the mountains around Limassol much wine is produced and the city hosts the main and most wineries. In addition, each year a well-known wine festival takes place and the most famous winemakers present during the 10 days their best wines.

In addition to the excavations Amathous the theater of Kourion should be visited. It is set on the top of a mountain with excellent views of the sea. It is still used for performances. Next door there are old house with mosaics to be admired.

Limassol has a big tourist center with guests mainly from England and Russia. It is very urban with a large number of restaurants, taverns, bars, cafes and shops. The nightlife is varied and bars are visited by both tourists and locals. A narrow beach stretches along the town center and is becoming slightly wider, further east in the tourist area. Worth a visit is the Ladys Mile Beach in the south of the city, at Aktrotiri, and also of Governors Beach, about 10 minutes outside of Limassol.

Further inland there are many small, traditional villages that are much into agro tourism.